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Boat Alert Report Review – Does it Run a Hull Check ID Check Instantly?

When you read my Boat Alert Report Review, you would learn to appreciate this website as it allows you to run a hull ID check almost instantly.Without a shadow of a doubt, if you want to purchase a boat, you would want a boat history report.

In case you are unable to avail a report, you simply cannot hope to get hold of a boat that is in sync with your demands. So, a hull ID checker is provided by various websites. This helps you determine the true health and value of your chosen vehicle.

Boat Alert Report Review

Boat Alert Report Review

Importance of Boat Title History Report

When you are seeking a boat, you need to know its registration number, the date of manufacturing and its class. There are several other things that too need to be kept in mind, such as its weight, size, capacity, accidental cover, insurance etc.

Each and every minor detail pertaining to your chosen boat is vital. Even if you miss on a slight detail, chances are that you shall land up with a raw deal. Nonetheless, boat reports are not the same everywhere.

Some websites are unable to gather accurate information. Hence, they cannot be trusted completely. On the contrary, other websites such as ‘boat alert’ are capable of revealing highly accurate information on your chosen boat.

Facts on Boat Alert Hull ID Checker:

Codes linked to International Maritime Organization, European Vehicle Identification Number and HINs are accessed via this website. In fact, Australian Boat Codes too can be checked via the mechanism of this application.

Boat Alert website aims at providing highly accurate results pertaining to your chosen hull ID. While the database here is updated on a regular basis, some issues could creep up. These issues are pertaining to the boat identifications related to boats that are categorized as inflatable.

The script that this website uses has the ability to decode almost any serial number. These serial numbers are pertaining to boats. Hence, all you require is a boast registration number or a hull ID to run this check.

What is a Boat Hull Identification Number?

The Boat Hull Identification Number is a unique 12 digit code that is provided to each boat that plies in the waterways. This number allows you to identify the ownership status and the manufacturer details.

If a boat is missing a Hull ID, chances are that it is not a legal vessel and may have been involved in theft/unscrupulous acts. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind in order to brush your knowledge regarding Boat Identification Number:

How Does Boat Hull Identification Number Help You?

>>> Each and every boat that has been manufactured after the year 1972 has a unique identification code that is embedded into its hull. This is a sign that indicates the genuineness and the user worthiness of the vessel.

>>> With the aid of the Hull Identification Number of the boat, you can easily identify one boat from another boat. As each boat has a unique identification number, getting mixed up with two boats of the same design and manufacturer is negated completely.

>>> The starboard side of the boat is where the Hull ID is pasted. It could be either engraved on a metal part present in the hull of the boat or on a fiberglass strip. This number can also be embossed on the transom section of the boat.

Example of a Boat’s Hull ID:

Here is a sample boat identification number: DAB 12354 A5 20.

@ Over here, the first three letters (DAB) stands for the Brand that has indeed manufactured this boat. It is an identifier for the same.

@ The next five digits (12354) denote the serial number of the Boat’s hull.

@ The next two alphabets/number (A5) denote the date when the boat was manufactured by the company.

Last but not the least, the last two digits (20) indicates the year when the boat was manufactured.

Whenever you are purchasing a new or a used boat, you need to try and ensure that you take note of your new boat’s HIN (Hull Identification Number). In case you would like to get it registered, you should try and note the HIN down and save it in your desktop.

Please do remember that if your boat is missing its HIN number, chances are that it would not be insured by an insurance company. Moreover, it could also be a case of a stolen boat. Hence, never purchase a boat that has a missing HIN.

Where is the Hull Identification Number Located on the Boat?

There are a few places wherein the HIN number of a boat can be located. Basically, it all depends on the make of the boat.

Here is where all you can find this unique identifier:

1) Boats that have a Flat Back: Most boats that have a flat back have their unique identifier etched a few inches above their transom. In case the hull joint or the gunwale is lower than the transom then, the Boat’s HIN shall be etched two to three inches above the hull joint or the gunwale (instead of the transom).

2)  Boats where Hulls are Replaceable: In boats that can be categorized as pontoons or catamarans, the hull of such boats can be replaced. In such boats, the boat’s HIN is etched above the point wherein the hull is affixed to the boat’s starboard. In most cases the hull identification number is etched a foot or a foot and a half above this joint.

3) Boats with Missing Transom: There are some boats that do not have a transom. In such boats, the HIN number is embossed either a foot above the gunwale or the deck and hull joint. All this depends on whichever point is the lowest. Ideally, a foot above such points is where you can find the HIN.

4) Miscellaneous Points: In certain cases, the outboard side of the starboard section of the boats is where you can find the HIN. This is ideally, two to three inches above the joint that connects the hull with the deck.

In some cases, the HIN is etched above the gunwale or the transom. All this depends on which point is the lowest. The reason why the boat’s identification point is placed there is because of any accessory that might be hindering with the natural HIN placement.

5) The Provision for Secondary HIN: In case the primary hull identifying number is missing then, you can request the manufacturer of the boat to send across the secondary HIN. This could then be placed in a scheduled section at the interior of your boat or on an external side of the boat and then cover it effectively. 

What is the Correct Way to Place a Hull Identification Number on a Boat?

There is a procedure that the manufacturer of a boat needs to follow in order to install a boat identification number. If you abstain from doing so then, chances are that the coast guard/transport authority shall impose a fine or even jail you for the same. Well, here is what all you need to keep in mind:

>>> You can emboss, burn, carve, mold, stamp and even bone the HIN number onto the hull of the boat. These are procedures that have been approved off by the coast guard authorities.

How Should the HIN be Placed on Your Boat?

The manner in which the Hull Identification Number is embossed is such that if it is tampered or removed, it shall leave behind a visible sign that is easily detectable.

@ In case you do not have the HIN embossed or burnt and are using a number plate instead then, this plate needs to be placed in such a manner that in case of its tampering, it leaves behind a mark that is visible to the naked eye.

Why is a Boat’s HIN Number Important?

>>> Tracing the Manufacturer becomes Easy: There are a number of reasons why your boat needs to have a HIN number affixed onto its hull. First and foremost, this is an identification number that tends to trace the manufacturer of the boat.

>>> Mechanical Defects are Detected: In case the boat that you are about to purchase has had any technical defects then, these are showcased via the means of a HIN check report. There could be a possibility wherein the boat has been recalled to fix mechanical defects. Here too, the defects can be traced via the means of a HIN check.

>>> Importers Have an Easy Time: In case you are importing the boat from another country then, the HIN shall allow you to check all vital details pertaining to the boat (including its service records, mechanical details, faults etc.)

>>> Communication with the Creator of the Boat: With the help of the hull identification number, you can get in touch with the manufacturer of the boat. Thereafter, you may resolve all your queries and concerns pertaining to your boat purchase.

>>> Helps Identify Theft Cases: In case a boat is stolen then, the owner of the vessel shall report the same to the coast guards. The coast guards shall record the HIN of the boat. If you happen to purchase a stolen boat, its HIN number shall reveal its current status. This shall help you from getting duped in the act.

How to Buy Boats Manufactured before 1972?

The year when Vehicle Identification Number became mandatory was 1973. Before that year, there was absolutely no indication or presence of a VIN on a boat. Hence, if you are purchasing a boat that was manufactured before the year 1973, you need not to have a HIN to register the boat in your name.

All you are required to do is to ensure that you get hold of a State Highway Safety Form and have it notarized. The form is numbered 82040 and it indicates that the boat that you have purchased does not have a valid HIN number.

How to Register a Boat without a Title or a Hull Identification Number?

@ The first step is to contact the tax authority located in your state. You can reveal the size, type and other vital specifications of the boat to them. Thereafter, you can then seek their assistance in getting the boat registered on your name.

Department of Motor Vehicles is the second step when your tax authority is unable to offer assistance to you. They have all possible information regarding boats and motorized vehicles that ply in the highway or waterways.

The history of ownership is easily revealed by the Department of Motor Vehicles. In case there are multiple or single owners of your chosen boat, these too shall be revealed to you in a jiffy.

After determining the details of the previous owner of the boat, the concerned DVM authorities shall send a letter to the last owner of the boat asking them of their consent to allow you to register the boat in your name.

@ Lastly, you can contact the owner of the boat directly and ask him/her for the bill of sale. This is a receipt that shall allow you to take legal possession of the boat. In case it does not have a HIN then, you might have to speck to the local transport authorities to get a new HIN for the boat.

How Boat Alert Helps Data Seekers?

While writing Boat Alert Report ReviewI spent considerable time researching this website. In a nutshell, I found these three things to stand apart from the remainder. I also call them Boat Alert website’s brownie points:

1) Official Database Checks – First and foremost, this website locates history of your chosen boat ID based on the data revealed by several official websites. There is an involvement of over fifteen official public databases.

When you enter the hull ID of your chosen boat, Boat Alert checks these 15 databases. Thereafter, it compiles a detailed boat history report. Generally, this report spans 7 pages in length.

2) Secure Payment Methods – Secondly, each and every purchase that you make via Boat Alert is secure and safe. This is because PayPal is used as the prime shopping medium. Hence, you can be completely secure that your transactions shall be safe. Your personal details while initiating any purchase via Boat Alert website too shall be kept secure.

3) Transparency is Maintained – Last but not the least; the data that is revealed here is completely transparent in nature. Nothing is held back. You get to know everything that you want regarding your chosen boat.

Boat History Check – What all do You Get in the Report?

Here is a list of what all you can hope to get when you run a boat hull identification check using Boat Alert website:

>>> This report reveals all cases pertaining to accidents (if any).

>>> Cases pertaining to the abandonment of the boat or misappropriation too are made available in this report.

>>> Checks pertaining to pollution are also included. You also get to get to keep a tab on the official numbers provided by the boat owners.

>>> Regardless of whether the boat was stolen in the United States or any other country, this data is provided to you instantly.

>>> All the necessary documentations pertaining to the vehicle are made available to you.

>>> Facts pertaining to salvaging of the boat. If there is a total loss on this object then, this too is revealed here.

>>> If the name of the boat has been changed, then the previous ones shall be revealed to you.

>>> National Motor Vehicle Title Information System checks are also included in your final report.

>>> Boat hull identification decoder too is attached in your final copy.

>>> In case your chosen boat has been recalled by its manufacturer for certain defects then, this information too is provided.

>>> A special section of this report caters to boat thefts in Canada.

>>> Information on Lien as well as United States registration option is also covered here.

What are the Advantages of using Boat Alert Checker?

While there are several other boat checkers available, using the services of Boat Alert is exceptional. Some of these include:

>>> The boat hull identification decoder is provided free of any additional cost.

>>> You can avail a complete boat hull identification report for as less as a couple’s coffee cost. This is a least costing report when compared to other competitive websites offering hull ID check services.

>>> When you use hull decoder services, you get results at the snap of a finger.

>>> This website offers hull identification checks on international cruiser yachts as well.

>>> Boat Alert is an affordable boat checker service.

>>> Clickbank offers a 60 day full refund guarantee on your purchase.

>>> Customer support is prompt and direct.

Any Drawbacks while using Boat Alert:

>>> The accuracy level of Boat Alert is good but errors can happen during searches.

>>> Some other boat history reports are more detailed than the one provided by Boat Checker.

Boat Alert Report Review

Final Thoughts:

It is a well-known fact that there are several boating enthusiasts in the world. Most of them cannot afford to purchase a brand new boat. Owing to this very reason, they prefer to purchase used boats.

The process of purchasing used boats is not as simple as purchasing used motor vehicles. Owing to this very reason, it becomes all the more difficult to get hold of a healthy and safe boat. Hull check ID software applications such as Boat Alert are therefore used by shoppers to put a stop to any fraudulent act.

What I find interesting about Boat Alert boat hull identification check software application is its user friendly interface. Moreover, the price of obtaining a report too is cheaper than other boat hull ID checkers.

The user feedback here too is rather positive in nature. This is one of the main reasons why Boat Checker hull ID checker is far more popular than most of its competitors.

If I were to give my opinion then, Boat Alert Report is highly recommended for those who would like to purchase an authentic and healthy used boat.

Boat Alert Report Review

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Boat Alert Report Review – Does it Run a Hull Check ID Check Instantly?

When you read my  Boat Alert Report Review , you would learn to appreciate this website as it allows you to run a hull ID check almost inst...